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Our practice is a fee-for-service practice. This means that we do not file insurance. This decision has allowed us to maintain our fee structure without the usual “cost of living” increases for several years at a time. Until July1, 2009, we had not increased our fees since 2005.

Because we do not contract with insurance companies, we are considered out-of-network providers. Therefore, out of pocket expenses (co-pay) may be higher than with innetwork providers. The decision to work with us and the unique perspective/blend of therapies we offer will thus be made with this financial awareness in mind.

From time-to-time a client might find it necessary for the provider to speak directly with the insurance company on the client’s behalf. We are willing to provide this assistance to help insure the client receives reimbursement for fees from the insurance carrier. However, such phone calls can be lengthy and often multiple calls are necessary to reach the necessary conclusion with the carrier. For calls in excess of five minutes or multiple calls which total in excess of five minutes (4 calls of 5 minutes apiece), we will charge the client according to the fee structure outlined on the Client Information form.