Medical Assessment




Psychological and Psychiatric Evaluations

Evaluations are available to help clarify a diagnosis or to help inform an approach to care or treatment. Evaluations are often requested from attorneys or medical case managers as a part of a medical or legal claim. These services might include clinical interviews, psychological testing, QEEG assessments, continuous performance tests/ADHD testing, review of medical records, and consultations with other members of the person’s medical team.


Functional Health

Using laboratory analyses of urine, saliva, and blood we assess biomarkers for neurotransmitter and cortisol levels and food sensitivities. Working with experts in their fields, we collaborate to assist our patients in finding barriers or detriments to both psycho-emotional as well as physical health. Based on the findings, treatment plans are developed to help address functional health deficits.


Health, Wellness, and Weight Reduction

Many times patients ask us to help them with weight loss. We are advocates for both healthy minds and healthy bodies. Weight management is a part of total well-being but is often challenging to achieve. To assist patients with weight management issues we have affiliated with Pure ProActive, a web-based, medically supervised weight loss program. We have personally found this system to be very safe and effective. Through this affiliation we are able to offer you at no charge a weight loss specific health assessment. Follow this link to begin the assessment process. The other services that we provide, including psychotherapy, biofeedback/neurofeedback, and Nexalin, support the commitment to positive change and a better quality of life.