ADDConnect Community Recommends Neurofeedback

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Here is just one of the positive reviews from the ADDConnect community:

“Yes – we’ve had wonderful success with neurotherapy! My 10-year-old son was diagnosed with inattentive ADD (borderline hyperactivity) last fall. We were spending HOURS every day on “home”work that actually should have been completed during classtime, fighting most of the time we were working on it, having problems at bed time, and the whole family was miserable. After three months of neurotherapy he rarely brings classwork home anymore, he has a wonderful attitude and is fun to be with, his handwriting is flowing and beautiful, we don’t have problems at bedtime anymore, he is receiving A’s & B’s at school, and his self-confidence is WAY up. All this with no meds or side-effects!!!! He finished up the neurotherapy a few months ago and all the changes have stuck with him even after stopping the treatments. We are so impressed that my husband is now doing neurotherapy for his ADD and I am doing it (a slightly different protocol) to treat depression and anxiety. My husband is off his meds and I’m at half what I was five weeks ago and feeling better than ever. I just finished a great book about neurotherapy, its history, and different protocols – “A Symphony in the Brain” by Jim Robbins. I hope you decide to give it a try – while the cost seems like a lot all at once, if you think about the medication expenses over a few years it works out to be a good deal. I’m ready to shout about it from rooftops – thanks for giving me an opportunity!” – janabananna

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