We can help you increase your level of performance.

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We can help you increase your level of performance.

Whether your goals are athletic, academic or corporate, LQR can help you achieve all your goals in life by giving you the tools you need to focus and maintain your top level of mental functioning.

The essence of the training is learning the links between our physical behavior or internal attitudes – and quality of brain functioning – through use of feedback of EEG parameters. The experience gained in this way allows more intentional managing of mind operation and more efficient allocation of its resources to meet specific needs. The purpose is greater usage of the potential of one’s own mind, in order to act more effectively, to obtain better achievements, and to lead more joyful life.

Neurofeedback, or EEG Biofeedback, is a training process based on the Law of Operant Conditioning that provides an individual with direct, real-time information about his or her brainwave activity. The person then uses the brainwave feedback to learn how to change the brainwaves, helping the brain function more efficiently. This learning process could be thought of as an exercise program for the brain or like a dancer using a mirror to learn a new choreography. Our brains are organized by a network of neural connections which supports and controls the higher level of physical and cognitive functioning that we observe and experience.

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Effects depend on the type of training and the quality of equipment employed, among other things. The most frequently listed benefits are:

  • better concentration,
  • better attention,
  • easier decision making,
  • reduced number of errors,
  • shorter response time,
  • enhanced creativity,
  • more efficient memory,
  • accelerated learning,
  • increased immunity to stress,
  • increased productivity,
  • lowered susceptibility to “burning out”,
  • quicker and deeper relaxation,
  • better mind/body integration,
  • enhanced well-being,
  • reduced anxiety and stage fright,
  • increased self-confidence and assertiveness,
  • better self-control,
  • development of self-awareness,
  • development of emotional intelligence.

Get more info at http://www.neurobitsystems.com/neurofeedback-faq.htm